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Hashim Kurban, Uighur painter. Born in 1957, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Graduated from the Art Institute, Uzbekistan (1981). Representative of naïve art in Kazakhstan. His clear, poetic and formally simple art was born as a result of appeal to the ancient Uighur craft of making puppets from a decorative pumpkin. Due to these colorful products in folk style, he has been listed in the Kazakhstan Guinness Book of records. The experience in arts and crafts has helped Kurbanov to develop his own original simple style, characterized by varnished pure, bright paints, the use of wood and decorative gourd. Kurbanov’s style is a mix of primitivism and decorative folklore. His manner shows the influence of the ancient Uighur culture. The artist draws inspiration from the places of his historical homeland, where he happened to visit. His paintings convey the pride people feel for their beloved city. The sincerity and warmth are disclosed in scenes of everyday life of Uighur towns' inhabitants. Some idyllic harmony between man and nature dominates in curve small streets and internal courtyards, and the directness and naiveté of the artist’s works reflect his character.

Honored Artist of Kazakhstan.
Laureate of the Uighur patrons' 1st Prize "For the Contribution to the Uighur Art and Culture".


Honored Artist of Kazakhstan